Getting into the bios on Sony Vaio Duo

I recently picked up one of the new Windows 8 hybrid devices, the Sony Vaio Duo 11. I’m really loving the device, it was perfect size for using on a flight I took recently and the keyboard, while small, is still very useable.

I wanted to do a little bit of development work on it, as expected doing Windows 8 work was fine as the apps would deploy straight to your device, however I also wanted to have a look at Windows Phone 8 too. This caused a few headaches, the first being that you have to upgrade to Windows 8 Pro, a little annoying when they are trying to encourage iOS and Android developers to switch over, I’m already paying to develop apps for your platform but I also have to upgrade my version of Windows? Eclipse works straight off for Android so it’s pretty frustrating. Secondly you also need to enable Hyper-V, unfortunately this is disabled in the default Bios settings on the Vaio and I couldn’t find anyway of getting into it. I tried all the old stuff like F2, F8, F12, etc, nothing seemed to work.

It turns out the solution is actually really easy, make sure your device is shutdown, then simple press the Vaio Assist button on the back bevel of the device. This brings you to a Vaio Care menu which has a few helpful little options such as booting into recovery, booting from an external device as well as what I was after, accessing the bios.

Once you’re in you can the access the bios to switch on Virtualization, this option is under the ‘Advanced’ tab in the bios, enable it, press F10 to save your changes and reboot. Once you’re back in Windows you should now be able to enable Hyper-V and after a couple more reboots while it installs the needed components you should then be good to go.